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We all love our pets but there are times when we cannot be there for them - that's where I can help! I am an enthusiastic animal-lover with many years experience of caring for animals.

Whether you are at work or on holiday or just away on a short break or day-trip, I can offer:

PetMatey - Dog
  • Regular or occasional dog-walking, exercising and companionship.
  • Home visits to animals for toilet breaks, feeding, watering and petting.
  • Visits to tend to the needs of smaller animals - cleaning cages, changing food and water.
  • Boarding is also available for smaller caged animals where pets will receive daily attention as well as fresh food, water, cages cleaned etc.  Small animals must come with their own cages/runs and collection and return can be arranged if required.

Fully insured and CRB checked



Visit includes a good walk, a check that your dog has adequate food/water and lots of play and attention. For each additional dog add £2.45.

PetMatey - Dog Care
1 x 30 minute visit £9.50
1 x 1 hour visit £14.50
2 x 30 minute visits £19.00
2 x 1 hour visits £25.00



Visit includes lots of attention, checking cat has adequate food, fresh water and ensuring their litter (if appropriate) is cleaned and tidied. For each additional cat add £2.00.

PetMatey - Cat Care
1 x 30 minute visit £9.50
1 x 1 hour visit £14.50
2 x 30 minute visits £18.50
2 x 1 hour visits £23.00

Small caged animals and fish


Visits to rabbits, Guinea-pigs, rodents, other small caged animals and fish include fuss and attention, checking your pet has adequate food and water and ensuring their cage or bowl is clean and tidy.

PetMatey Rabbits Care, PetMatey Guinea-pigs Care, PetMatey Rodents, other small caged animals and Fish Care
1 x visit per day £9.00
2 x visits per day £14.50

Pet Courier

We can transport your pet to and from the vets, to the groomers or anywhere else they may need to go (within reason!) The price is a flat rate fee of £9.75 + £0.45 per mile.

Please note:


* Prices for walks and visits above are based on home addresses within a 5 mile radius of petsitters home address. Additional mileage will be charged at £0.40 per mile.
** Christmas Day and Boxing Day will be charged at double-time.
*** All other Bank Holidays will be charged at time-and-a-half.
****Visits and walks conducted on a Sunday will incur a 20% increase in price.



Added safety and security:


To enhance the safety and security of your property, I purposely do not advertise on my clothing or vehicle (due to the possibility of alerting others to the fact that you may be away from your home).
While conducting home visits, I will also bring in your post, open and close curtains, put out bins (if required) and water plants (if required). This will give the appearance to outsiders that the house is occupied and enhance the security of your home while you're away.
As a registered pet-sitter, I adhere to a strict code of conduct. Dogs will be walked safely, responsibly and where possible away from traffic.


Contact me - Mrs Kara Terry on:

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